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On Campus Housing At Union University

For incoming students, living on campus will be an integral part of their college experience, especially for the first two years. At Union most students live on campus through their sophomore or junior years. Students are encouraged to live on campus during these early years and need special permission to move off-campus before turning 21.

Union University has four housing complexes on campus that serve over 1000 students.

Housing is segregated into male, female, and married sections and the complexes have set visiting hours for the opposite sexes. Each complex has multiple buildings and a Commons that has laundry facilities, a computer room, and TV viewing areas. Housing is apartment style and each student has a private room attached to a common room shared by either four (room with a kitchen) or five students (room without a kitchen). New housing for female students will be completed in 2008.

The four residence complexes:

Watters Residence Complex offers housing for male students. Six buildings (Ellis, Crook, Barton, Adams, Deusner, and Ebersold) offer housing for 315 students. If you want the shortest walk to class possible then living in Ellis or Crook is your best bet.

Hurt Residence Complex is the housing for most female students on campus. Over 390 female students live in Hurt's eight buildings (Blythe, Duncan, Eaton, Jelks, Jones, Lovelace, Patton and Wingo). Wingo houses only freshman to help create a supportive community for incoming female students. Lovelace and Patten offer the closest housing to the rest of campus.

McAfee Residence Complex is Union University's co-ed housing for 404 students not living in Hurt or Watters. Affectionately nicknamed Egypt by its residents, McAfee is the residence complex farthest away from the main buildings on campus. McAfee is made up of 11 buildings (Dehoney, Dodd, Grey, Jarman, Lee, Paschall, Pollard, Rogers, Sullivan, Wright, and Craig), 3 of which are for male students and 8 are for female students. The buildings for males are in the back of McAfee so males living in this complex have the longest walk of any students.

Warmath Residence Complex offers housing for married couples and families. Warmath offers 32 apartments for Union students. Housing is two-bedroom apartments arranged in four different buildings. Located beside McAffee, Warmath is sometimes used for guests of the university or overflow housing.

Important things to consider about living on campus:

RAs and RDs are available for any problems you may encounter. They are great resources for any questions also and love to chat with you in the commons as you pass through. Becoming friends with your RA is a good decision.

Union University still enforces closed dorms. This means that during certain hours the opposite sex is not allowed in the complex. Breaking these rules can lead to fines and other disciplinary action if you are caught.

Room checks are done about once a month. A resident assistant will inspect your room for cleanliness and to make sure nothing is broken. Room checks at Union are usually announced a week in advance so you have time to clean. They occur before all the major holiday breaks.

Losing keys is expensive. It will cost 75 dollars to replace both that you receive. If you temporarily lose them or lock yourself out of your room the RA on duty in the Commons will let you in your room, but try not to cost yourself money by permanently losing keys.

Bicycles are useful, especially when you live in McAfee. The walk to class is not a difficult or incredibly long one but it may take more time than you anticipate. Many students use bikes to cut down on the commute time between the distant class buildings of White and Jennings.Read more info paper writing service which you can find here

Living on campus is amazing. You will enjoy your time on campus even with all the crazy rules of Union University because you will be with people you enjoy and will be able to participate in many fun residence life events. So enjoy your time living on campus!